Massive Attack Photoshoot. (Warning, Facial Expression May Scare Infants.)

•March 28, 2010 • Leave a Comment

… what the hell.

im never going to get over this man/woman/things facials. I just want to melt the plastic off her.


The-Dream isn’t retiring!

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It’s coming some time. I hope. But right now, we want Love King that drops May 18th. “You don’t know me like thaat, You don’t know me like thaat–“.

um. beyonce fail.

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since when the hell does she have FRAGRANCES. fail. just shut up.

Jets, Fool.

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Imma cop one of these, learn the recipe for the oil, and take that jet to wherever the fuck I feel. Until then, I got to think aerial.


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fuck a laptop, I got MY computer back. Imma have to re do all my old shit since it all got deleted, but fuck it. Back to blogging, FBing, YouTubing, Tweeting, ect..

lets go.


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Gonna get a laptop soon. So new posts, new pictures, videos, and ill finally get some new music on my mp3. Fuuuuuck yeahhh.


•March 19, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Like, I cant wait until I get my passport. I will be out this country faster than the hamburgler caught in Burger King, fool. I am just feeling stressed, my life is catching up with me I guess. I didnt know I was riding that fast in this hoopdi though.