Come On Son: Modern Warfare II Edition.

My Gamertag: JenericX

This is beginning to become beyond the point of  “OD.” I have Modern Warfare and I play it borderline alot. I’ve actually been toning it down, but normally I play it a little much (along with Borderlands, GTA IV: Gay Tony, ect.). Im 2nd Prestige Level 15 I think? Yeah, something like that. But hello-hello-hello. When you’ve reached 7th Prestige Level (Something High) by just playing it non-stop? Too far. When you craving the fact your gonna go home and buy the new 15$ Stimulus Package and play for the rest of the night? Too far. When your sitting in my flash room talking about “I have an ACOG sight on my ACR, its so nasty dog, I killed some noobs.”, throwing airplanes and calling them UAVs, OR WHEN WE ARE TALKING ABOUT RADIO TELESCOPES AND YOU REPEAT THE EXACT WORDS FROM WHEN YOU GET AN EMP? too fucking far.

Come on son. Seriously.


~ by The Starr on March 30, 2010.

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