Who Is Me?

Rockin' The "Fuck Effort" hair right now.

This is me, lol. Im a dark, 14 (15 on wed.), self-proclaimed villainous musician. Im too smart for my own good, and there for I can exploit people’s weaknesses. Malicious? Yeah, but then again, who isn’t? As you can see from all these blog posts, Im a music Addict. A Music Fanatic. Like, I feel I can talk to music as a man and not catch a bullet for saying how I feel. If that makes sense. lmao. Imma work up a list right now.

ALWAYS: Do whats needed, Love the Haters, Family before me, Hustle & Flow, Shine,  Protect those who mean something to me, Curse, Lead, Live life how I fucking want too. BUT MOST OF ALL, KEEP IT REAL.

NEVER: Follow, Love (Too Proud for it), Never get involved if it isn’t around me, Let them get me down, Give A Fuck, Pull Punches.



~ by The Starr on December 6, 2009.

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