Oh, and something else.

Kanye West is one of the genius’ of this Rap Shit. In all honesty. Dude was makin’ beats for Jay back when y’all was still rockin’ Throwback Jerseys! Throwback Jerseys! So, when he got to rapping, the first thing we could all expect was that production would be on-the-fuck point. So, when College Dropout came out, everyone found out dude could rap to the high hevens. Spaceship = One of the Best Hip Hop Songs… ever, IMO. So, more producing, blah blah, & we get to Late Registration. Again, dope dope dope shit. We Major = Another one of the best Hip-Hop songs… ever. So ‘Ye is up in your Top 10 maybe, but he just ain’t doin’ it for you! So then…

he drops Graduation. (mind you I copped that shit.)

Graduation = One of the best rap albums… ever. I Wonder was the dopest thing I heard since, a while. Right then, ‘Ye sustained a spot in your top 10, and he was slowly crawling to the top five…

Until 808’s dropped.

now, me. 808’s & Heartbreak = One of the best ALBUMS, ever. so, everyone is like, Kanye fell off, blah blah blah, white kids love him more now! whatever, I don’t care. Ye got #5 with me at Graduation. So now he’s coming back with a Rap album and is back in lyrical swing. I say, genius. Accend to Decend and set yourself up to be Carried back up by Fans. Lovely. I may be wrong, but I don’t care, thats how I see it @ 2AM.

good night readers.


~ by The Starr on July 6, 2009.

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