You’ve Been Chopped N Skrewed.

Fake dudes. Kill yourself. Especially if you, can’t take jokes you dish out. If you joke about something and someone does the same exact thing, Your ass can’t be mad at a nigga! Straight up. example. Someone thinks you said something yet it was someone else on your phone. Okay. Then your like “Fuck You!” before you know it wasn’t the person. Alright FuckFace, you just took the L & now you look stupid among all the people that person tells. Ok, so the person that said something tells you they were kidding and that it wasn’t the original owner. They are still like Fuck You. StupidAssFucker. You don’t care about the friendship and thing you had going on way back? alright smartness.

Oh hell oh hell. Im getting in to deep here. I’ll finish it out though. So, you are now, like Chopped N Skrewed. You might not give a damn, you might be crying, you might be making the thermite brick to put on their car engine, whatever you do. So, you run into, not even run-into, you find yourself around the person. You divert yourself to stop confrontation. You hear an insult yelled. You are in your head, thinking about how to hide the body, but you do nothing. Continuing on your path, they continue, and you wish you had a brick to blast them niggas with, but you dont so your out of luck. You’ll probably get back with them sooner or later. So who give a fuck for very long, unless you start faking Immigration Letters and scaring them to high hell with the threat of deportation. Or, hell, bashin’ mailboxes & bricking their house.

So now your beefing.

Here’s your fucking theme song. Learn it. Love It. Sing it whilst hiding the body.


~ by The Starr on July 4, 2009.

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